Cakes on Menu

Our simple buttercream cakes are $3 per slice , buttercream with fondant accents are $3.5-$4 per slice & fondant cakes are $5 per slice.

Theme cake starts at $100. Simple cupcakes are $30 per dozen. Theme Cup cakes/ decorated sugar cookies are $3-$5 per piece & minimum a dozen to order.

Pricing may vary depending on the design & some flavors with * has extra charges.

All our fondant cakes are frosted with our rich Milk chocolate & then the fondant is wrapped around.

All cake flavors & fillings can be customized.

Just Vanilla

Layers of tender Golden Vanilla Cake, filled with Vanilla Buttercream

Simply Chocolate

Layers of Moist chocolate cake with Chocolate buttercream filling

Raspberry *

Golden Vanilla Butter Cake, layered with our house made Raspberry Conserve and Raspberry creamy Buttercream

Lightly Lemon

Layers of tender Golden Vanilla Cake, filled with Lemon light Buttercream

Black & White *

Layers of Moist chocolate Cake, filled with Vanilla & chocolate Buttercream

Red Velvet

Rich Red velvet  Cake with cream cheese filling

Italian Cream *

Golden Vanilla Butter Cake with coconut & nuts layered with cream cheese Buttercream

Blueberry Bounty *

Golden Vanilla Cake layered with delicious, house made Blueberry Conserve
and Blueberry Silk Buttercream

Refreshing Orange

Deliciously moist and satisfying Orange cake with zest of Orange Cream Cheese Buttercream

Summer Strawberry *

Golden Vanilla Butter Cake with layers of our house made Organic Strawberry Conserve and Rich real Strawberry Buttercream

Tango Tango

Light and tender Golden Buttermilk Cake with the zest of
citrus fruits, and alternating layers of our house made orange and lemon Buttercream

Yummy Mango (Seasonal) *

Golden yellow Mango Cake with homemade mango preserve/ mango chunks & Mango Buttercream

Black Velvet Truffle

Layers of dark chocolate cake filled with luscious, whipped Milk chocolate ganache

Chocolate Love

Dark chocolate cake, layered with our decadent, creamy chocolate buttercream–a lighter taste and texture than the ganache, appealing to the younger palate


Dark chocolate-espresso cake, layered with light and creamy Espresso Silk Buttercream

Creamy Nutella *

Dark, tender chocolate cake filled with creamy Hazelnut chocolate Buttercream

Coconut Calypso

Light layers of coconut cake embrace a creamy coconut Buttercream filling

Banana Boat

Deliciously moist banana cake, sandwiched with creamy-tangy Lemon Cream   Cheese or Buttercream icing

Apple Cake *

Moist country-style Apple cake , perfectly spiced with cinnamon, bursting with apple chunks, and filled with Toffee Crunch Buttercream

Pineapple Paradise

Moist Pineapple cake bursting with Pineapple chunks, and filled with Pineapple Buttercream